Academic and non-academic published writings.


Foreign Policy in Post-Genocide Rwanda: Elite Perceptions of Global Engagement (2021), Oxon: Routledge. ISBN 9780367436452 Link

Journal Articles

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Book Chapters:

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Double Genocide’ or Revenge Killings? Did the Liberators of the Rwandan Tutsi Genocide Commit their own Genocide?’ found in Shadow of Genocide: Justice and Memory within Rwanda (2022), p. 132-149. Link

Books Reviews

Rwanda Fast Forward: Social, Economic, Military and Reconciliation Prospects:
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Politics in Rwanda:
“A history of Rwandan identity and trauma: The mythmakers’ victims.” “Remediation in Rwanda: Grassroots legal forums.”
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African Affairs: 2018: 1-3:

Debating Genocide.
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“Rwanda: Paul Rusesabagina’s release and apology – a master stroke engineered by Kagame” The Conversation (March 30, 2023), Link

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